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This is the premier training course for translating your grappling skills to real world assaults with strikes, tackles, grabs, and more!

Not just another collection of “self-defense moves” against static opponents and contrived situations, BJJ Street Defense, Vol. 1  builds on the functional delivery systems of Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Thai grappling to show you how to adapt the most high percentage martial arts skills to address the tactical needs of self-defense situations.

Best of all, these drills and skills will improve your game on the mat or competition as well!


Curing The Jiu-Jitsu Plight

There’s nothing wrong with training Jiu-Jitsu with a focus in sport (competition style) training if that’s what you love, but make no mistake…

The proliferation of sport specific BJJ training has led many grapplers to learn a style that lacks the necessary skills and tactics to defend themeselves if the s%@t hits the fan!

In fact, the sad truth is that a lot of grapplers have a dangerously false sense of confidence in their ability to handle a real fight and deal with the raw aggression of a bigger, stronger opponent trying to hurt them!

Stephen Whittier is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, a senior training in Sityodtong Muay Thai, and a head coach with Straight Blast Gym International (SBG). For decades he’s been training everyone from hobbyist students and grappling competitors to UFC fighters and law enforcement in the functional skills – and more importantly, the strategies – they need to perform optimally in each area…. And when that comes to a real fight, it means learning the tactics you need to survive and walk away in one piece!

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

Video One: Standing Self-Defense & Takedowns

  • The correct posture and distancing to use when faced with different types of aggressors: the passive-aggro, the sucker puncher/tackler, and the “worldstar.”
  • Creating superior angles to keep yourself safe from potential threats (your opponents won’t even know you’re doing it).
  • The most effective methods to close the distance against a “live wire” opponent – say goodbye to the old school BJJ stomp & tackle!
  • The simple to change your clinch entry even when your opponent changes his attacking energy… no striking experience required!
  • Super high-percentage takedowns (these will work in the gym, in competition, or in the street – but you have to know the tactical factors in a real fight).
  • How to get your opponent grounded from any angle so that you stay on top and in control of the situation every time.

Video Two: Takedown Defense & Guard Tactics

  • The #1 detail that will allow you to stop an aggressive attacker’s tackle – even if you are much smaller and lighter.
  • The key frame tactics to keep your opponents from ever getting position on a takedown (you’ll learn how to apply this from anywhere they “land” on top so you can get back to your feet).
  • Defend an opponents grabs from frontal and rear attacks (regardless of which grip they take).
  • How to control posture, create angles, and stay safe from your full guard (you’ll keep even the super strong, violent opponents on the defensive).
  • The best ways (and angles) to hit from your back.
  • How to use the Shawn Williams guard for the street (these details work regardless of flexibility).

Video Three: Closed & Open Guard Variations vs. Strikes

  • How to safely open your guard without getting your head knocked in (don’t lose your teeth in the transition).
  • Exactly what to do when your partner powers out of your guard and gets their posture (learn how to control distance on the ground as well as on your feet).
  • “Base or Face” tactics – how to punish kneeling or standing opponents every time they try to hit you.
  • Defend yourself from strikes against every type of top pressure an opponent can give you.
  • How to use your striking from guard to set up the most intelligent self-defense submissions (you’ll learn which submissions are good – and when to use them – and which are dangerous to attempt).
  • And more!

So there you have it…

Over 4-1/2 hours of rock solid and potentially life saving instruction designed to give you the ultimate tactical and technical edge in a fight.

Instead of walking through your days in fear on one hand, or with a false sense of security in your ability on the other, you will have a more realistic and authentic sense of confidence in your skills….

Coach Stephen’s full-length courses have been top-sellers for as much as $197, but as a  special introductory offer you can get BJJ Street Defense, Volume 1 Digital Course for the bargain price of just $69.00

That means you can leverage over 25 years of marital arts and self-defense experience from one of the most decorated instructors in the country for less than most video games!

Fair Warning: don’t wait because this price will not last! Take advantage of this special offer now before it’s gone.


BJJ Street Defense, Volume 1

Digital Course – $69

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