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  • The Posture-Fighter Method
    Everyone talks about the importance of good posture in Jiu-Jitsu,but in this section Stephen takes this principal to a new level and shows you a simple but unique way to skyrocket your game-and exactly how and when to integrate this method into your technical training routine.(Hint:very few actually do this,and those who do tend to have a big leg up on the competition.)
  • Build A Lethal 40 Plus Guard
    Tired of trying to imitate the guard games of your instructors or the big names on youtube with little success?In this step-by-step technical breakdown,you'll learn the 5 steps to developing your own highly effective guard game,even if you're inflexible or slower and less agile than your younger training partners.
  • The Secret to Becoming An "Early" Escape Artist
    How many times have you been looking for the magic move to get out of that position you keep getting smashed in,only to have someone tell you:"Just don't get there in the first place"?This is true in principal but how do you actually pull it off-especially if you're not especially fast or slippery on bottom,In this section Stephen will reveal his #1 method for recovering your guard and escaping early.This one adjustment has dramatically changed many students' games in just one class.
  • High Performance Drilling Revealed
    The real secret to developing great skill is do the moves and sequences over and over again in class and then roll,right? WRONG! Getting your form and technique down is important,but there are much better ways to drill and develop "real time" skills than high volume reps.Discover how to leap from theory to application and apply your skills in sparring faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Injury Prevention Techniques To Keep You On The Mat
    No matter what your goals are for training right now, the ultimate goal is to be able to keep training BJJ! Learn how to avoid common rib and neck injuries that could keep you sidelined for weeks or months-and tune up your defense in the process!
  • Peripheral Offense
    Developing a "peripheral" offense that allows you to more effectively attack at angles is one of the best ways to keep the big,strong monsters at bay ans set up an attacking game that works no matter how athletic you are.Slick sweeps and submissions!.
  • Power Passing & Smash
    Slowing the game down with pressure passing and great top control is one of the best,proven ways to even the score against the young guns on the mat and make them play at your pace.what's even better?Passing straight into one of the most dominant postitions in the game-the mount-and going straight for a super-tight finish!In this section you'll learn how to do it.

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Professor,you instructional videos are second to none,especially with teaching concepts (more so than technique), and breaking down small details,into smaller easily digestible details.

— Carlos

My game has improved by leaps and bounds thanks to your DVD series,No longer intimidated by those 20 year olds that practically live at the dojo,OSS!

— Ron

Thanks Stephen.Your great instructional videos and inspirational emails have brought my jiu jitsu game to a new level.Thanks for all you do!

— Sean

Your tips have been super helpful,thank you!! The younger guys can't figure out why i can keep up with them.I'm 42 yo.


Some of the sickest BJJ info...I use much of the theory you put forth as of late and it is brilliant!Especially the break posture series(a big problem for me)...bottom line,I am more confident in my BJJ than i have ever been.Here's to your continued success,sharing of your theory and technique!!! Thank you,you are changing my game for the better!

— Jason

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