Attention “40-something” BJJ students:

Sick & Tired of Feeling Behind All the “Young Guns” on the Mat? You’re Not Alone…!

Discover My Proven Strategies for Transforming “Seniors Division” Grapplers – With Full-Time Jobs & Families – Into MONSTERS on the Mat… Supercharge Your Learning Curve and Keep Up With the Young “Gym Rats” Who Train Every Day!

A Message from the BJJ Performance Professor, Stephen Whittier

(Hint: the SECRET is not about how athletic you are or how fast you recover!)

Hello fellow Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts,

If you are:

1)  Fast approaching that “infamous” 40 year-old mark or older…

2)  Love BJJ…

3)  At times feel the strong urge to put your head through the wall in frustration as you try to keep up with the pace and progress of the young “studs” in your gym…

This website was designed especially with you in mind!

Chances are you share the experiences of many other “mature” grapplers out there who are near 40 or older:

  • You have family and job commitments and can’t “live” at the gym like the 20-year-olds can… and you always feel like you’re struggling to keep up.
  • You bang your head against the wall watching the young guys party like the crew from The Hangover every weekend – yet still have no problem mauling you for an hour straight on the mat while you hang on for dear life!
  • No matter much you work out to stay in shape, you find yourself having to take extra days off just to recover (while the gym “studs” just rack up more training time)!
  • You get the feeling that a lot of your training partners think of you as “really good… for an older guy.”
  • Even putting in the training time and gaining some real insight into the game, the newer guys are always asking questions to the most athletic cats on the mat (even when you’ve been training as long as they have!).
  • You take twice as long to heal from the little aches and injuries as the younger grapplers, and you wonder if you will just keep falling further and further behind.


Well, I Feel Your Pain – and Want to Help!

My name is Stephen Whittier; I’m a BJJ Black Belt and owner of Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness in Wareham, Massachusetts. In addition to writing frequently for Ultimate MMA magazine and my “MMA Performance Professor” video tips on the web, for years I have been travelling around the country teaching seminars and coaching at training camps.

I’ve also had the good fortune to train with and coach some very high level professional athletes (from the UFC, Pride, Elite XC, etc.) for both grappling and MMA.

In short, I look at what I do as performance coaching, pure and simple.

But here’s the thing… relative to a lot of other instructors with respectable coaching resumés, I started BJJ a little “later in life.”

Yes, it’s true… you could say I’m a “senior division” grappler myself!

A while back, though, I began to notice something very cool at my academy: many of our “senior” BJJ students are the toughest guys on the mat!

Now I always had this goal – to provide a solid technical foundation and use great training methods to help anyone take their game to higher levels…. Not just the youngest, most athletic guys in the school.

But even I was pleasantly surprised it worked so well! And now these guys are rocking both in regular training and in competition.

What’s the reason for their success? Hard work is a big part of it for sure, but it’s also about the magic combination of strategy and efficiency.  And that goes for both technique and training methods.

In other words… if you want to keep up with the young guns, you have to train smarter!


“I was in my late 30’s when I started training a few years back and I’m 40 now. In the back of my mind I was little nervous: would I end up with a battered body and bruised ego? Would I be able hang with a bunch of young guys?Once I started training with Master Steve I never had those worries again. Steve has created a great culture and environment where the focus is on learning how to be technically proficient and applying it in an alive environment, so you can train safely and successfully. I’ve learned that jiu jitsu is a great sport for people of all ages. I’ve seen people from 6 to over 60 rolling and doing well at our school. What I’ve learned from Steve has allowed me to handle myself on the mat with competitors, whether they’re my age or athletic guys in their 20s – and win! His coaching put in me in a place to come out on top at competitions from regional tournaments like NAGA to recently taking 1st place at the IBJJF New York Open!”-John Murphy



“If you asked me what qualities make up the Ideal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor, I would have to say:1. Expertise and Knowledge
2. Understanding and Insight
3. Ability to Effectively Communicate and Motivate
And those are exactly the qualities I would use to describe Steve Whittier.I’ve trained with Steve for well over ten years, and as a BJJ black belt in his late 40s I have a great appreciation for his teaching style and methods… He offers his students a unique combination of a thoughtful, highly educated teacher and complete master martial artist. I could not recommend him more highly.”

-John Connors
BJJ Black Belt


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  • Wickedly effective guard passing tips – tighten up your game even against the younger guys with the Gumby legs!
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To years of success on the mat,

Stephen Whittier
“The BJJ Performance Professor”